About MyMD Pharmaceuticals®

As a clinical stage biopharma company, MyMD is developing groundbreaking therapies for the treatment of serious and debilitating autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Our lead clinical candidate, MYMD-1® is an orally available, next-generation TNF-alpha inhibitor with the potential to transform the way TNF-alpha based diseases are treated.  

With its small molecule design, selective mechanism of action, and ability to cross the blood brain barrier, MYMD-1® has the potential to disrupt the TNF-alpha inhibitor market and provide meaningful therapeutic solutions to patients not served by current therapies. 

MYMD-1® has demonstrated the potential to slow the aging process and extend healthy lifespan. The product is being evaluated in Phase 2 studies for sarcopenia/frailty, a result of the aging process, as well as early-stage trials for rheumatoid arthritis (RA), with the potential to expand into other applications. 

A second therapeutic candidate, Supera-CBD, is a novel, synthetic, non-toxic cannabidiol (CBD) analog that is 8,000 times more potent as a CB2 agonist (activator) than plant-based CBD. In addition to its potential role in managing anxiety, chronic pain and seizures, Supera-CBD has been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects. 

Our Team

MyMD has assembled a strong leadership team with a proven track record in the discovery, development, and clinical evaluation of groundbreaking therapies that transform patient care.

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MyMD Pharmaceuticals®’ executive team has a lengthy history of successful alliances with industry and academia. We are open to partnership and proposals that are in alignment with the company’s overall therapeutic focus on inflammatory and autoimmune disorders, as well as aging.


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