About MyMD Pharmaceuticals®

MyMD Pharmaceuticals® is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company committed to extending healthy lifespan. Currently, we are developing and commercializing two therapeutic platforms based on well-defined therapeutic targets, MYMD-1® and Supera-CBD.

Meet the MyMD Team

Industry leading scientists, doctors, researchers and business executives are working together to develop novel therapeutics in particular areas of expertise to significantly increase the human lifespan. Learn more about the extensive backgrounds, publications, research and credentials from each of MyMD's board of directors, collaborators and management team members.

MyMD Team

Partner with Us

MyMD Pharmaceuticals®’ executive team has a lengthy history of successful alliances with industry and academia. We are open to expressions of interest with respect to partnership and to proposals that are in alignment with the company’s overall therapeutic focus on autoimmune disorders, aging, and central nervous system diseases.


MyMD Corporate Presentation

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