The future of synthetic biology with MyMD

MyMD’s experienced research and development team has partnered with academic founders and key opinion leaders to identify and utilize synthetic therapeutics for treatment of autoimmune disease, aging and anxiety. 

Clinical Trials

Key findings on new biotechnology from MyMD

MYMD-1® regulates TNF-α, an essential first line responder to acute infection, which causes trouble when overactivated.

Research shows that, at only about 146 Daltons, MYMD-1® is the first oral TNF-a regulator capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier, which should enable it to address Alzheimer’s and other brain-related diseases. Unlike other therapies, MYMD-1® selectively blocks TNF-α when it becomes overactivated in autoimmune diseases and cytokine storms, but does not block it from doing its normal job of being a first responder to any routine type of moderate infection.

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Featured publications on MyMD new biotechnology research

MyMD drug candidates have been the subject of peer-reviewed research publications from distinguished institutions.

The Journal of Immunology

MYMD-1®, a Novel Immunometabolic Regulator, Ameliorates Autoimmune Thyroiditis via Suppression of Th1 Responses and TNF-α Release

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The Journal of Neuroimmunology

MYMD-1®, a novel alkaloid compound, ameliorates the course of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis

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Featured research from MyMD on age-related and immunometabolic diseases

MyMD researchers and collaborators have developed research resources to highlight the drug candidates and their therapeutic potential.


The white paper from MyMD details aging and sarcopenia as well as current therapies.

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Learn more about the structure of Supera-CBD

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See the poster presented at the 3rd Annual Neuroimmunology Drug Development Conference

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